What I Wore // '50s style for church

Hello lovelies! How was your Sunday? Today I went to church, then to Hy-vee, then to Chipotle (which is one of my favorite places to eat :) ). 

Dress -- thrift store [around $7.00]
Tank top -- Target [unknown]
Tights -- Walmart [$4.00]
Shoes -- Famous Footwear [around $25.00]
Purse -- borrowed from my sister, from Target

I was going for a bit of a 1950s vibe with this outfit- I was excited to wear this dress as I'd purchased it months ago and never worn it until today! I was going to show my hair, which was in an updo of sorts (and which I was quite proud of since before now I could never get it quite right ;) ), but some photos got lost somehow. 

Well, I'd better be off, I'm going to help my sister do up some dishes and then later I'm going to a different sister's house to watch some baseball! 



  1. This is a really pretty dress! I like how you styled it with the gray tights.

    1. Thank you so much, Paige!

  2. Super cute! :) I love Chipotle too! its so good.
    With Love, Elizabeth

    1. Thanks! Isn't it though? ;)