Three Outfits

 Hey guys!
Typically I use my Mum's camera for my outfit photos, and for the last several days the uploading cord for the camera was not to be found. Mum just recently discovered it wedged between the wall and our entertainment center! So, as I couldn't upload them to the computer before, today I have three different outfits for you all.

The first is from when we went ice skating with some home school chums. It was a lot of fun... I fell three times though. I am not the most graceful ice skater.
My sister and brother. 

Sweater -- Banana Republic via thrift store ($5 bag sale)
Jacket -- Hand me down
Scarf -- Gift 
Jeans -- Express via Plato's Closet ($16.00)
Boots -- Plato's Closet ($10.00)

I didn't want to wear a large coat if I could help it (I typically don't enjoy wearing heavy coats, I think mine make me look frumpy at times), but I brought one along just in case. I didn't end up wearing it even though it was quite chilly.

And then this next one is an outfit I wore to church.

Chambray button down -- Gift 
Shirt -- Gift 
Jeans -- Express via Plato's Closet ($16.00)
Shoes -- Plato's Closet ($10.00)

And then I wore this one to bible study.

 photo 543d72dc-4607-4103-aff2-12bc47ad465f_zpsc00e9a25.jpg
 photo 756d014e-c351-4d22-a7a7-7f7d39b6176c_zps5a3541d3.jpg

Sweater -- Plato's Closet ($10.00)
Grey shirt -- Hand me down
Jeans -- Express via Plato's Closet ($16.00)
Shoes -- Unknown ($12.00))

My sister recently had the good idea of starting a bible study with a few of our friends. It turned out really well- we met in a cute coffee shop and discussed which bible study books we should do. Altogether there were seven of us, including a dear friend I hadn't seen in awhile and one acquaintance with whom I could see myself becoming good friends with.  Altogether I had a lot of fun.

 photo 85c33848-3c8c-4b65-8d1e-1b02cfba113e_zpse433e9c7.jpg

That darling little boy in the background is my nephew. (I don't know what he is doing in this picture.)

 photo MumsCamera11-17-14044_zps2f0f15b9.jpg

He was very fascinated by that tree and he seriously just stared at it for practically the entire time. I think maybe he was posing... ?

 photo cb7db2d1-0599-4b4e-b6ae-fa52741e713a_zps9c97c897.jpg

So yeah, I'm sure you've seen adorable little people before but... Isn't he cute? ;)

So what did you do this weekend? Which outfit was your favorite?

p.s. I just want to show you how I look while ice skating- (the faces are drawn on for privacy reasons.)

 photo 19276fcf-bac7-4f26-b69e-6c1f8d8188a9_zps83cbf270.jpg

Majephtic. I am pho majephtic. Hahaha it will never not be funny...

(To be fair I think I was flailing around on purpose, as I tend to make funny faces whenever mum points the camera at me. Still funny though.)


  1. Aww your nephew is the cutest! xx Love your outfit <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Haha I think so too :) Thank you!

  2. Great outfits Ashley! :) I like how easy-going yet chic your Bible study outfit is. Starting the study sounds like a great idea!

    1. Thank you, Paige! It really was fun.