DIY: Tiny Tassel Necklace

Hello my friends! With the Christmas season here at last I've been in quite a crafty mood and wanted to make some little Christmas gifts for my friends, and I thought I would share this one with you!

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You will need:

  • Embroidery thread of choice color
  • Chain
  • Jump ring
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Straight and skinny stick (You can probably find one around the house somewhere. I used a DumDum lollipop.)
  • Paper plate, or newspapers, or something to protect your surface from hot glue
  • Scissors 

Step 1: Choose your color of thread and start wrapping it around your fingers. For a tassel of approximately 1 1/3 inches long wrap it around three fingers- that's what I did. The more fingers you have the bigger the tassel.

I wrapped it around my fingers around 20 times, give or take a few. Just do it until it looks good to you!

Make sure both of your ends are on the bottom, like so:

Step 2: Slide your stick thing into the loops.

Step 3: Tie a piece of thread of the same color around the top of your tassel, right by the stick, and loop it around a few times. Tie it again. Cut it off, but leave several inches on it.

Step 4: Stick a thread of the same color through the loops at the top.

5. Next your going to put a thin strip of hot glue on about 3/4 an inch of the exsess that you left in step 3. Wrap it around your tassel to glue it into place. Continue wrapping to cover up any exposed hot glue.

Step 6: Cut the bottom of your loop to get tassels!

Step 7: Trim the ends so that they're even.

Step 6: Tie the two ends coming out of the top of your tassel together and trim the ends. Add a jump ring to it and put it on your chain.

And you're done!

I really hoped you enjoyed this! Sorry if it was a bit confusing- It was my first tutorial evah! Of course, there are a lot more tutorials on how to make tassels. I got my inspiration from here. I did mine a bit differently though.

Extra tip: If you're doing a two-finger tassel, it might be difficult to do step 4. To solve this problem, before sliding your loops off of your stick, hot glue the thread you are threading your tassel onto to the end of the stick.

And THEN slide it off.

Easy peasy! Please, let me know what you thought of this tutorial. :)
Disclaimer- I do not necessarily condone everything on the website(s) I linked to.

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