1. I'm positively drowning in books to read. (not literally though because I have no moneys with which to purchase books, but figuratively, yep.) I have a super long 'to read' list... And it's stressful. Not cool. Am I the only one who feels this way every once in awhile? Like, sad because it's impossible for me to read every book that I would like to?

2. Sooo... We're moving! It's pretty exciting, no? Also pretty sad. We've lived in this house for ten years now and I've become quite attached to old Percy (that's the house's name). Let me tell you, this house has so much personality he just might be alive. And if a house can be haunted, this house is.

3. My family and I have been watching a lot of Castle (TV series) lately, both the older seasons on DVD from the library and the newest season, season 7, on TV. I've also watched a few episodes of Agent Carter recently. It's pretty good- Have any of you seen it? What do you think?

4. Because I've been listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 on repeat for a month or so, I've decided to branch out, and I've been listening to Relient K, Family Force Five, and even a little bit of One Direction. ("Steal My Girl" is my jam. yup.) Also "You And I" by Ingrid Michealson (thanks to this gorgeous gal :) ) and "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.

5. Can we just talk about how much spring NEEDS TO GET HERE RIGHT NOW? I want Easter, and picnics, and pastels, and sandals, and pretty spring skirts.... Sigh.


polka dots.

Today it is surprisingly warm out considering that it snowed a bit last night. I'm so happy it snowed, because we all know Winter isn't really Winter without snow. It's a just a really dreary, ugly, lacking-in-all-charm version of Fall. Right?

But really this is just teasing me. There's just a sprinkling of snow- not enough to build a snow man or make snow ice cream or any of that good stuff.

// chambray button down - wal-mart // jeans - second-hand shop // boots - gift //

Last Friday I went consignment/thrift shopping with my friend. I spotted these jeans and pulled them out and admired them and I thought, 'What are the odds that these will be my size?' But low and behold, I checked the tag and they were my size! Plus they were on sale for $5. Score!

How would you wear these polka-dot jeans?

Gingham dress for youth group

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Last night I went to my Youth Group New Years party and had a lot of fun! We played Malarkey and Sardines, which are both really quite fun despite the fact that I'm not that great at them. :)

(Please ignore the bad lighting in these photos. It was already sunset when we took these and it was FREEZING so we didn't want to go out and take more.)

// shirt - hand me down // dress - thrift store // jeans - kohls // boots - gift // necklace - hand me down from the thrift store // bangles - gift //



That number already feels so familiar to me- to be honest sometimes I would almost write that year on my papers when it was 2014. I would have to remind myself that it was still 2014- Time wasn't moving as fast as it felt, I guess.

And yet, time flies. Christmas has come and gone, and now New Years has passed as well.

On New Years Eve my sister and I had a few girl friends over and we had a party of sorts. Some friends who live out of town were thinking about coming, but unfortunately they came down with the flu.

I'm not normally one for making resolutions. Last year I made some but I only really accomplished a few of them, and I know that this year would probably be the same. I usually say something along the lines of, 'I have an entire year to do it. It will be fine,' sometimes knowing that I'm only kidding myself.

However, one thing on last year's list was to make two new friends who lived near me. I would say that I did that- Really, I turned acquaintances into friends, but it counts. :) But that's about as far as my accomplishments of last year goes. I was going to do things like donate food, read the entire bible, ect., but they never happened. I don't read my bible nearly enough, and when I do, it feels like a chore. I don't want it to feel like a chore.

So this year I've decided not to try to make any resolutions. I'd rather just try to be a better person in general. I don't like being held to a list because we never know what's going to happen and where life is going to take us, and something may become a priority that's not on the list. On the other hand, sometimes lists can help us to stay on track when we're trying to reach a goal that is important to us.

So, what do you think? Do you make resolutions? If so, what are they?