spring style ideas:wearing common fall pieces in spring

So I don't know about you girls, but even though I'm completely loving this spring weather, I'm not quite ready to let go of my fall staples. So I've been thinking about ways to style them for spring, which would be great for two reasons: 1. some of these beautiful spring days are still a little bit chilly and 2: it's good to have versatile things in your wardrobe than can be styled for any season. For this post I've compiled some of my favorite ideas!

one | sweaters

This is actually the picture that first got me thinking about styling favorite fall pieces for spring. I love how this skirt was paired with this sweater to make an outfit that looks springy and is also warm. Perfect for a rainy spring day! 

two | beanies

I see a lot of people wearing beanies in the fall, not so much in the spring, but they are a classic hipster and street style piece that a lot of people will rock year round. Towards the end of fall, I got a new beanie that I was worried I wouldn't have a chance to wear as it was practically spring... Who knows? Maybe I'll be wearing it anyway!

three | riding boots

I think riding boots can be very cute +  preppy when worn in spring! 

four | cardigans

Cardigans are cute and easy to style- you can add one to an otherwise simple outfit to make it that much cuter. They're also great if you want to add just a little extra warmth. 

five | dark lipstick


Berry/dark lipstick is something that you see a lot of in the fall, but I think that it can be worn just as easily in spring. Here Emma Watson wears it with a crisp white blouse and grey skirt. I think it would be gorgeous with a white, springy dress. Also, Emma Watson pulls off berry lipstick like nobody's business, amiright?

six | scarfs


Okay, okay, so scarfs are really for all year round, but personally, I find myself wearing them more in the fall. When wearing them during the warmer months I wonder if I'll be too warm of if I'll look silly. But I also think that they can be absolutely adorable for spring, so here's to wearing them anyway!

How would you style these things for spring?


  1. Good ideas here Ashley! :) I definitely wear riding boots and cardigans year round. ;)
    I would wear a sweater with a springy midi skirt and use a lightweight scarf to spruce up a dress or plain top + skirt.

  2. Great post! Quite useful :)
    And yessss Emma Watson looks great in berry lipstick :P


  3. i love this post! i need to copy some of these style ideas

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  4. Gosh, I am in love with that skirt in the first picture, that print is just gorgeous! ♥