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I hate hearing that word when it comes to fashion.
Fashion is fun, pretty, interesting, and many other things but not practical. 
That doesn't mean that fashion is a bad or difficult thing. 
The definition of the word practical is: of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.
Practicality literally means that we cut off our creative flow.
Fashion is all about creativity.
It is possible to be practical and fashionable by asking yourself if something is fashionable before you ask yourself how practical it is. 
You may find that you are a little more willing to bend your definition of "practical" once you realize how beautiful and stylish you look :)
So the next time you consider how practical one of your outfits might be, remember that practicality can get in the way of showing your unique and personal style. 
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  1. Margaret, I like the color & neckline detail of this dress! :D