Hello my lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I wanted to do a lately post for you all to catch you up on what I've been up to lately. Sometimes I have trouble getting across what I'm thinking in a blog post, so I feel like there's a lot I could be sharing but it just never happens when I'm writing outfit posts. And I want this blog to be more personal and for you all to know who I am. I heard a tip once that was something along the lines of, 'write like you're talking to a friend in a coffee shop.' That's a pretty fabulous thought!

So without further adieu here's my life lately.

1. I mentioned in my last post that I started volleyball! This is my first time ever playing. I've always wanted to do something like this but was always very intimidated to do so because other girls have been playing it for years and I'd be such a newb. But two of my friends who have also never played decided to join a team this year and asked me to join them. I couldn't be happier that I said yes! It's a lot of hard work, practice is tough and they make you run laps. Uuuggh. That's one of the downsides of it for sure! But, it's also a really, really, fun sport and I always leave practices and games happy, even if I'm hot and sweaty and even if we lost. I love my teammates and I've gotten to know my two friends who invited me a whole lot better because of volleyball!

2. Fall is coming. I know it's so cliche, but guys. I love fall. Something about it gives me such happy feels. I adore chilly weather. And cozy sweaters are my jam... I wore one once this Summer, with shorts. Sometimes I just can't stand to wait until it's cool enough, you know? Also Fall has so many happy events that go with it. My family always goes camping with our homeschool group. We've been going since I was a baby, so I have memories from it as far back as I remember. I've grown very attached to the campground that we always go to because it was such a big part of my childhood. I love camping. Something about waking up early to the smell of smoke and the sounds of early morning and putting three sweatshirts on because you're cold. What could be better?

3. I turned sixteen! My birthday was Tuesday and it was spent playing volleyball followed by taco bell, then after the long drive home my siblings and I decided to drive to Dollar General and get movie watching snacks. It was also my dad's birthday, so we also bought him a present that consisted of different kinds of candy because what else could he want besides that? Tomorrow is my birthday party, and I'm getting pretty excited + nervous. I'm happy that a bunch of my friends are coming to celebrate my sweet sixteen with me but I'm also not a big fan of too much attention, and having a bunch of people over specifically to celebrate me is making me kind of anxious. Like, do I have to do the thing where we sit in a circle and everyone watches me open presents? (I told everyone I didn't want anything but I know of at least a few that are ignoring me. Ugh, generous people. Who needs 'em right?)

party supplies + tissue paper flowers for decoration 

Well, that's all for now, dears. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my life! Congratulations if you even made it all the way to the end. ;) Until next time,

-Ashley xx


  1. Oohhh happy late birthday!! :)
    And I'm totally with you on wanting fall. It can't come soon enough!

  2. Happy 16th!!! And yay for fall! I'm ready for it!

  3. How cool that you play volleyball! It seems like good exercise.
    Fall is definitely worth getting excited about. A girl's gotta look forward to breaking out sweaters, though I might have to wait 'til November. ;)
    Happy birthday! :D Your party supplies look so cheery. I'm sure it will be fun! I had a big party for my 16th too and a few people brought gifts...and they watched me open them...but I'm still alive. ;) Lol.

  4. Happy Sweet Sixteen!! I hope you have an awesome and enjoyable birthday party! Ughh I totally feel you about fall. I can't wait for summer to end! =)

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  5. I've always thought volleyball as a really graceful sport! If I were given the opportunity, I would definitely learn pick it up as well. :D
    Happy sweet sixteen! What better way to celebrate your birthday than to have all your friends over! Hahah I feel the same way too about all the attention, especially during the birthday song singing! But it's not everyday you get to turn 16, so enjoy being treated like a queen ;)

    The Journeys of My Beating Heart