My Five Favorite Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is a recent obsession of mine, and I think it's a great way to document things that you want to remember in an artistic way. It's almost like a mini blog, and I think they are so fun to read through. I love seeing people's everyday lives portrayed artistically. Here are five of my favorite Instagram accounts:

1. @kenziefaith
Kenzie has such great style and I seriously want her entire wardrobe. She's also an amazing photographer. Her Instagram is beautiful, and man does this girl know how to play with light + shadows!

2. @itsjustgaby94
Gaby is the photographer over at Bramblewood Fashion, and her Insta feed is absolutely perfect. She has a gorgeous color scheme going on and amazing fashion sense.

3. @maggieroyce
Seriously ladies, you will never be too old to love pink. Maggie seriously gets that and her feed is filled with perfectly pink adorable-ness.

4. @madisonlanders
Some of the most inspirational captions, prettiest photography, and gorgeous outfit pictures. Madison's feed is beautiful and one to follow for sure!

Sophia has some seriously beautiful, minimalistic photos. Her feed is so clean and gorgeous. (Pssst, coming soon on Thrifty Toppings- Sophia is going to share her Instagram tips with us!)

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts/your own Instagram account? Let me know in the comments below- I'd love to check them out!

Currently Wishing For

1. Lace-up Wedge Ankle Booties
This pin is what got me started wanting red booties. How great for Fall and the Holiday season would these be? I would love to wear them with an outfit of black and grey for a pop of color.

2. CamelBak Water Bottle
I don't know about you guys, but I seriously don't like to drink tap water at all- filtered water just tastes so, so much better! And guys, this water bottle has a filter built in. How cool is that? I've been realizing that I need a new, good water bottle that I can have with me during volleyball practices + games. This one totally fits the bill and it's also super sleek and shiny!

3. FujiFilm Camera
How cute is this Polaroid-esque camera? It looks like so much fun. A little out of my price range right now, but it's definitely on my wishlist.

4. Turquoise Statement Necklace
I've been needing a statement necklace for sure, and this one is beautiful and has gorgeous colors.

5. Floral Print Socks
Floral socks are so cute in my opinion, and these are no exception. I absolutely adore the color scheme of blue on black.

What has been on your wishlist lately?

Disclaimer- this post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. I do not necessarily condone everything on the website(s) I've linked to.