Spring Bucket List

The weather is finally starting to feel like spring where I live, and I'm so so excited! I love pastels + flowers + sandals. I always get really inspired at the beginning of new seasons, especially fall and spring. You can view my Fall bucket list here, and without further ado... These are 7 things I'm going to do and you can do too to make the most out of your spring!

Outfit post coming soon!

1. Go on a hike
I love to hike and spring is the best weather to hike in! After a long winter it's nice to go out and get some much needed exercise and fresh air. Pack a water bottle and granola bar and head to the nearest state park! For something else to do along the way, download a geocaching app and see if there are any geocaches along the trail you're walking.

2. Plant a garden
Flowers make me happy so I'm definitely going to plant some in my backyard this year, along with some cherry tomatoes because those are the best. Do any of you have any suggestions for what kinds of flowers I should plant?

3. Have a picnic
Picnics are a really fun thing to do with friends instead of just going out to lunch somewhere. Pack easy foods like sandwiches + grapes + cookies in a picnic basket and head off to a park, and when you're finished eating spend the rest of the time playing frisbee or volleyball! Make sure to take a cute insta pic while you're there.

4. Photo shoot with a friend
Spring is one of the prettiest seasons, with everything in full bloom. Grab a friend and style your outfits with flowers and pretty pastels. Find a place with lots of flowers or flowered trees and snap away!

5. Ride your bike
Ride your bike instead of driving. Ride to work, church, or just whatever is near enough to ride to- maybe a local coffee shop you can sit at and write in your journal, or the grocery store to buy some iced tea. Or, just ride your bike for the sake of riding with no destination in mind.

6. Play in the rain
Playing in the rain has always been and will always be something that I love to do. I love rainy weather, and it always makes me feel happier than sunny weather ever can. The rainier and stormier, the better! I love curling up and reading a book on rainy days, but I also love to go outside and splash around in puddles like I'm a kid again, and get totally soaked.

7. Go on a stay-cation
A lot of times we've lived in a city so long that we forget to enjoy it. If you aren't going on a real vacation for spring break and feel like you're missing out, try to view your city from a tourist's perspective and go explore. Even if you don't live in a typical vacation destination there are always fun things to do!

What are you going to do this spring? 


  1. These are such great ideas! I'll have to steal a couple of them:)

  2. Lovely bucket list! Also, that's a great shot. :D