Weather Transition Outfit

 shirt - Goodwill // belt - Target // shorts - vintage // shoes - Wal-mart // nail polish - Sinful Colors in cream pink

Hey gems! The weather has been fabulous where I live. Beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere... And the air smells amazing. This weather is unpredictable though and it could be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, cold in the evening again... etc. So 'what should I wear today' kind of becomes an anthem (more so than normal) because one is never sure what weather to dress for.

This outfit is great for this kind of weather because it's kind of one half fall, one half spring. The light sweater keeps me warm, but the skirt helps balance it out so I'm not too warm or too cold. Basically, the equation for a good transition-to-spring outfit is sweater + skirt. You could also do a light t-shirt + jeans, but something about spring makes me want to wear skirts and shorts (mostly skirts. For some reason spring weather makes me want to dress in a more feminine way! :)).

What's your equation for a good transition-to-spring outfit? 


  1. Great polka dot sweater! It looks nice against the blossoms. My transition involves layering...maybe one day I'll find the perfect outfit for just the right temperature. ;)