By the Lilac Bushes // Blogging Schedule

skirt - thrifted // shirt - borrowed // shoes - Famous Footwear 

These photos were taken outside of the house I'm moving out of; one of the things I'm going to miss very much are these lilac bushes. Lilac is my favorite flower; I love the scent especially. Luckily our new neighbor has one right by the fence that we share, so I suppose I'll still be able to smell them when they're in bloom.

This skirt has been in my closet for I think three years now and this is my first time wearing it. Isn't it weird how that happens? And I didn't even wear it in public; I  just wore this to take pictures. I should wear it more, though. It has a really cute flower pattern and the colors go great with this shirt that I borrowed from my sister. I think there are a few reasons why I don't wear this skirt; one is that it's a pretty weird material. I'm not sure what it is, but it's kinda... stiff. And another reason is that it's a really awkward length. It's below my knees/right on my knees but not quite midi. For these pictures I  rolled it up at the top so it hits my knees. But I got it for like $3 at a thrift store and I think it's definitely worth that!

I don't know if any of you have noticed but I started a new blogging schedule! Well, I say new, but actually I never really had one before. I just posted willy nilly and as a result my posts were scattered and sometimes there'd be a few days in between posts, sometimes over a month. I would try to post roughly once a week, but there was my problem... 'Roughly'. I've discovered that I just work better with a schedule! So, now I'm going to try and post every Wednesday. Once a week shouldn't be too difficult and I already have a ton of post ideas and one or two lined up so I'm off to a good start. (Watch me completely fail at this schedule and regret saying anything about it! Haha.)

Well, I have about half an hour until it's not Wednesday anymore, so I'm going to go ahead and end this post here! I'll talk to all you fabulous people later.

Do you ever have pieces that just hang in your closet, waiting to be worn? What do you think about having a blogging schedule?

xx Ashley

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  1. This is so springy - I like the colors! The lilacs make a good backdrop. Perhaps you'll find a new background at your new home?
    I like having a blogging schedule, though it can make me feel like "Oh no, I have to blog today!" But if you keep it as your usual guideline that you can feel free to change now and then, it might prove a great idea! :)