Spring 2016 Wish List

Hello my lovelies! I hope you've been having a lovely spring so far. I've been realising that my closet is seriously lacking, and I've been on the hunt for several spring appropriate pieces for a decent price. Here's what's been on my radar as of late:


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My trusty lace oxfords are definitely on their way out; or rather, they're already out. I've worn those shoes to death but I'm not ready to give them up yet, and until I find a new pair of dainty, feminine oxfords that I like just as well I don't see that happening.
I also have been really needing a pair of menswear inspired oxfords to go with the other side of my style. I'm looking for black although I would love a pair of brown too!

Choker necklace


Guys, the 90's are coming back in style and I am fully on board! Choker necklaces go with everything and can finish off so many outfits nicely. I seriously need one in my jewelry collection asap.

High waists


I've loved the high waist trend for a long time, yet somehow the only thing I have that I consider high waisted is this pair of culottes. Right now I'm seriously loving this pair of Mom Jeans from Forever 21 and I'm hoping to purchase them as soon as I can.

Retro inspired dress


Lately I've been itching to take on the challenge of styling one of those fabulous vintage-esque moo moo dresses. The one I pictured is hideous but I waaant it. Send help.



Chambray is pretty much becoming a timeless staple, and right now I'm loving these chambray tops that are only quarter button-up.

Huarache Sandals


Words cannot describe how much I love these sandals. I've been searching for them everywhere, at every store and online and just everywhere, and I can't find them anywhere! Anywhere that I can find that had them is now sold out. If any if you guys now where I can buy these shoes, please help a girl out! Comment and let me know!

Oversized t-shirts


I think an oversized shirt like this would really come in handy. This is technically a men's shirt, but hey, no one has to know that right? 

Anyway, that's definitely the condensed version of my wishlist. (My full list is about $600 long lolololololol) Let me know in the comments below what you've been wishing for lately!



  1. I like the lace oxfords and sandals! It is so hard to find cute/functional sandals in stores. >.<
    This season I've been drawn to pink florals. :)

    1. I totally agree! Pink florals are beautiful.