Rimmel London The Only One Lipstick Review

Okay, guys. When I saw an advertisement for this lipstick I knew I just had to have it, and I purchased some at my local drug store as soon as possible. The advertisement boasts that this lipstick is long lasting, moisturizing, and more. I think the moisturizing bit is what got me; my lips dry out very easily, and while I have a huge weekness for lipstick, I can't always wear it because my lips are too dry. SO, I decided to try this product out and see what's up.

Price: $6.99 at Target.
Presentation: The tube is black with a ring towards the bottom displaying the color of the lipstick. I love the sleek look of the tube; however I'm not sure that I like how it's edges are slightly squared or how it angles out at the top. That's not to say that I don't normally like sqaure edges instead of round ones; but for this tube I wish it was just round. That's just me being picky though, overall this tube has a very nice look to it.

Scent: This stuff really smells great! Really fruity. The scent doesn't last once the lipstick is on but it smells amazing while applying!
Color: I picked the shade Peachy-Beachy #600.  The color is vibrant and true to how it displayed on the ring around the tube and on the bottom. It think it stays pretty true to color on my lips, but I think that'll be different for everyone as everyone has different natural lip shades.
Long lasting: I'm not sure, but I think that one advertisement I saw said that the lipstick won't need to be reapplied. I decided to take a day and test this out. I applied the lipstick at 9:30am, and right after lunch at about 12:30 it started fading. Unfortunately it was fading unevenly and it only got worse! I wanted to reapply but decided to wait, for the sake of the experiment. At 5:00 my lipstick was pretty much entirely faded away, except for a faint trace around the edges of my lips. Keep in mind that this was just the lipstick, no lip liner or anything and this was with eating + drinking too.

Moisturizing: The lipstick glides on easily, or at least easier than other lipsticks do; it's not quite equivalent to if I was putting on lip balm or something.
For awhile after applying it is slightly sticky. Then after 3 hours or so my lips just get very dry and I start wanting to put lip balm on.
Bullet: The bullet is angled at the top, but I wish it were even more angled.
Would I buy this again: Yes! It's a very reasonable price and I like it just as much or more than any other brand I've tried that I might buy instead.

Well, there you have it! This is my first beauty product review, and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you all enjoyed it too! Maybe I'll do more of these in the future.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to review this product. I purchased it on my own. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Good job on your first review! It was very thorough. I haven't tried this particular line of Rimmel lipstick, but I have two lipsticks from them that I really like. It does smell so good!

  2. Wonderful review!
    The lipstick looks just lovely on you! So flattering...
    Have a blessed week!