Road Trip Style

Summer is the time for road trips! I myself LOVE road trips and will always jump on the opportunity to go on one. Style is important to me but when it comes to road trips being comfortable is my main priority. But there are obviously ways to stay both comfy and cute, and this outfit is one of my favorites that complies with both of those!

Even though it's almost summer, I like to have a cozy sweater or jacket with me. I get cold really easily so it keeps me warm in the car, adds style, and I even sometimes use it as a pillow when I need.

Sunglasses are a must. Unless it's a cloudy day, the sun is going to be glaring at me the whole time. Plus, I'm probably bound to take a nap at some point during any given road trip; I slip these babies on and don't worry so much about people looking at me. Also they add style and cover up those sleepy eyes #nomakeup

This shirt is so comfortable! I got it at Plato's closet, and it's actually a men's shirt! hehe. I find it very difficult to find women's t-shirts that fit me right, and this men's shirt fits me like a glove! (And I prefer the oversized look anyway.)

These shorts from Ross are basically pajamas! They're perfect for a road trip because they are cute, stylish, and super comfortable!

When on a road trip or trip of any kind I think its a good idea to have a backpack or tote bag with you for all of your things. This backpack is a favorite of mine, it goes great with a lot of the things that I wear and adds a kind of grunge element to my outfits. Plus it holds all of my junk important items!

For road trips I don't really like to wear any jewelry. Jewelry isn't the most comfortable (and I know I'll be napping during the trip!). So, alternative third pieces would be bags, jackets, and sunglasses, all of which I'm wearing in this outfit. Tell me, what are some other accessories that you like to wear that are comfortable and functional for road trips? Do you have any fun trips planned for this Summer?



  1. This is a super cute road trip outfit!

  2. Love it! Chambray is the best and those shorts look so comfy! And I totally do the wear-sunglasses-to-cover-up-face thing. :)


    1. Thanks Virginia! It works great right? :)

  3. You are so darling! Love this comfy + cute look.