What I Would Tell My 12 Year Old Self (Advice for Those in Middle School)

It's universally acknowledged that middle school is a pretty sucky time, for everybody. I mean,  I was homeschooled and it was still hard! It's the time in your life when you really start trying to find yourself, which usually means more than a few poor fashion choices and some iffy flirting techniques. I'd say I'm still in the process of 'finding myself' (and honestly I'm not sure if that process ever truly does end!) but I'm so much more sure of myself and confident in who I am now than I was back in middle school. There's definitely a few things I would tell my younger self if I could, and so I'm going to be sharing this advice with all of you. If you're in middle school or around that age, I hope that this advice can help you out in some way! For those of you past that stage in your life, feel free to have a laugh with me and hopefully you can find this post somewhat relatable!

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