Autumn and Other Adventures

1 // Autumn is the best time for me. I don't what it is. I could sit here and go on about the beautiful colors, the cool weather, the cozy sweaters and the subtle anticipation of Christmas- and sure, those are all the reasons why I love it. But tell me why it makes me more productive, makes me want to write and have adventures and be a better version of myself?

I haven't written on here since January. When I realized that, I chuckled because it's not really a coincidence. Something about Autumn on it's way makes me want to write.

Nothing is quite like putting an oversized sweater on, curling up on the couch and getting work done. So, here's to Autumn. Let's hope it'll be enough to keep me writing on here. Does Autumn have the same affect on you?

2 // I work at a Consignment clothing store now. Which on one hand is so 'me', and people aren't surprised at that cause it fits my personality somehow. On the other hand it's not so good, and I don't know why I got myself into this cause I pretty much spend my paycheck on clothes before I even get it. But we are getting in clothes for autumn. And dang it's getting me in the mood. Today I put out a rack of almost entirely cardigans- I almost bought thirty cardigans but y'know, it just comes with the job.

3 // I just watched The Space Between us and it was actually better than I expected it to be! Don't judge me but I actually pretty much loved it. It was super cute and the soundtrack is bliss. It's one of those movies that make me want to pack up a backpack and go on a roadtrip, I'm not exactly sure why though. It just kind of made me realize the value of life. Plus Asa Butterfield is super cute a really good actor!

I think with that I will wrap up this post. Shout out to the world wide web for always being there to listen to my ramblings.