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The Author:

My name is Ashley Faith.
I love fashion and expressing myself through what I'm wearing. One of the best things about the fashion world is that there's something for everybody. My style is sometimes more classic/vintage and sometimes more hipster- all the while being modest. I love to read, watch baseball, and write letters. I love all things vintage. I dream of adventure. I prefer tea over coffee any day. And most of all, I love living my life for Jesus.

The Blog:

Thanks for visiting Thrifty Toppings, a blog geared toward anyone looking for a little inspiration. I started this blog in September, 2014, as a creative outlet and fun project. Now this blog is my baby and I'm constantly trying to think of ways to make it the best that I can. Here you will find DIY projects, fashion, and more.

My Faith:

Christ is my savior. I am a sinner who deserves to be condemned to hell, and yet the God of the universe loves me and became the ultimate sacrifice so that I wouldn't have to. (John 3:16) He only asks of us to accept him into our lives, to trust, worship, and honour him in all that we do. If you would like to hear more about my faith, please don't hesitate to ask!


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    1. Thank you, Sophia! I love your blog.

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